Our Administrators

SAE-AFS Director:

Dr. Shaher Abdullateef, Tel. 0090 533 406 6729,    Email. shaher.abdullateef@gmail.com


SAE-AFS website Administration Team:

Dr. Muhammed Assaf,   Email. agro.assaf81@gmail.com

Dr. Muhammed Üsame ABDULLAH,    Email. ousalab@gmail.com

Dr. Hanadi ABDULLAH,    Email. han-4mc@hotmail.com

Dr. Manaf ALDAKHIL,    Email. manafdakheel@gmail.com

Social media (Amal-Syria):

Dr. Isra’a Mustafa Almashhur,    Email. esra.machkor@gmail.com

Our Sevices Team:

    Agricultural Calendar:

Dr. Abdulmonem Alabboud,    Email. drabboud75@gmail.com

    Agricultural early warning:

Dr. Khalid Al-Hassan,    Email. khalidhasan551972@gmail.com

    Food Security Indicators:

Dr. Basem Mohamed Saleh,    Email. basemsr@gmail.com

    Weather Conditions:

Dr. Amin Alhasan

Publication Team (articles, blogs, etc.) :

    Food processing:

Dr. Shahira Al-Homada,    Email. ashawishahira@gmail.com

   Plant breeding and genetics:

Dr. Haytham Zaiter,     Email. h.zaiter2019@gmail.com

   Agricultural Economics:

Dr. Salim Alnabolsi,    Email. dr.alnabolsi@gmail.com

Translation Team:

Dr. Ann-Christin Wagner,    Email.

Dr. Haytham Zaiter,     Email. h.zaiter2019@gmail.com


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About us

A non-profit civil organization, registered in Turkey. It is a network of Syrian academics and experts in Syria and diaspora from different fields including education, food security, livelihoods, sustainable development, social empowermenr and peacebuilding.

Our partners

– The University of Edinburgh, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security.
– Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics)
– University of Kent
– GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund)
– Re-Aliance

Our services

1. Agricultural calendar
2. Research and Studies
3. Projects Design and Implementation
4. Consultancy and Capacity Building

Phone: +90 554 066 729

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