About Us

About Us

Syrian academics expertise for Agriculture and Food Security (SAE-AFS) is a group of independent Syrian academics and experts in agricultural science, food security and sustainable development. It involves Syrian experts inside and outside Syria to contribute to rebuilding the agricultural sector and enhancing food security in the short and long-term. This group creates a basis for cooperation, carrying out research, and exchange of expertise and knowledge between Syrian and international academics and experts, global research institutions, and international and local organizations working in the agricultural sector and food security. SAE is aiming to study and analyze challenges facing agricultural sector and address impacts on food security and sustainable development hereby providing innovative solutions relevant to Syrian context.

This website has been developed in collaboration with Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK to develop this network as one of the recommendations of the roundtable meeting hold in June 2019 in Istanbul.


Our Objectives


Networking of local and international experts and building collaborations


Carrying out research relevant to Syria


Delivering knowledge and capacity building


Sharing information and data about agriculture and food security


Contribution to development of the agricultural higher education.


Providing consultancy on agriculture, livestock, Livelihood, and food security to international and local organizations.


Establishment research centre and national educational institutions


Establishing and implementing development and sustainable agricultural projects.


Why Partnering With Us?

Partnering with us can mean a wide scope of academic activities, from organizing simple events to long-term collaborations including research, studies, reports, workshops and capacity building. Joining forces with us delivers tangible benefits:

  •      Access to our extensive local and international academic networks
  • A strong record of research implementation in different conditions especially in conflict contexts.
  • Dedication and support to ensure corporate social responsibility
  • Access to expertise and experienced staff with significant skills in quantitative research and qualitative research approaches.
  • Trusted relationships with a broad network of stakeholders including, higher education institutions, INGOs, NGOs, decision-makers community leaders, communities and individuals e.g. Edenborough University, Kent University, CARA, Free Aleppo University, LDO, Shafak, etc.





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About us

Syrian academics expertise for Agriculture and Food Security (SAE-AFS) is a group of independent Syrian academics and experts in agricultural science..

Our partners

– The University of Edinburgh, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security.
– Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics)
– University of Kent
– GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund)
– Re-Aliance

Our services

1 – Food Security indicators.
2 – Agricultural Calendar.
3 – Agricultural Early Warning.
4 – Weather Conditions.
5- Consultancy and Project Studies.

Phone: +90 554 066 729


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