About Us

About Us

Syrian Academic Expertise (SAE):

A non-profit civil organization, registered in Turkey in 2016 and activated under the SAE branding name in 2020. It is a network of Syrian academics and experts in Syria and diaspora from different fields including education, food security, livelihoods, sustainable development, health, social and peacebuilding, etc. SAE provides its services in education, capacity building, research, consultancy, and sustainable projects design and implementation in accordance with humanitarian and international standards adopted for all Syrians. SAE seeks to build a network of communication, cooperation, and exchange of experiences and knowledge between Syrian academics and experts, and with international and local actors interested in Syrian affairs to reach more effective and sustainable responses. SAE prepares and implements projects and studies in various sectors to provide innovative solutions appropriate to contexts of crises and post-crisis. It also contributes to the exchange of experiences to raise self-abilities and competencies and promote civil peace in Syrian society.

This website has been developed in collaboration with Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK.

Our Vision:

To contribute significantly to the building of a resilient Syrian society that is scientifically, economically, politically, and culturally empowered, and actively fostering principles of justice, equality, and peace.

Our mission:

Preparation and execution of studies, capacity-building programs, and development projects aligned with the authentic needs of the community, applying participatory approaches, fostering the exchange and enrichment of experiences to cultivate the Syrian society.

Core values:

  • Political independence
  • Respect for society’s values and peace-building
  • Scientific-based projects quality
  • Integration and cooperation
  • Participation
  • Transparency
  • Justice and accountability
  • Creativity, innovation, and excellence

Our Objectives


Enhancing of human and social values among society members and spreading a culture of dialogue, cooperation, and social cohesion.


Studying challenges facing Syrian society and affect its stability and livelihoods to recommend appropriate development solutions.


Contributing to research and development projects implementation, particularly, community-based projects.


Contributing to education and higher education development and providing technical and academic expertise.


Providing quality and professional services to increase the effectiveness of the development and humanitarian projects.


Training and capacity-building in various disciplines, especially for children, young people and women.


Building partnerships and cooperative relations with local, international organizations, academics and research institutions, and privet sectors.


Providing advice to local and international institutions and organizations in accordance with scientific-based criteria.


Building an online platform to publish related research, projects, publications and activities to expand the base of communications with individuals, organizations and Syrian society.


Enhancement of civil peace culture, promoting citizenship and human rights principles and coexistence


Why Partnering With Us?

Partnering with us means a wide scope of professional activities, including organizing short events to long-term collaborations including research, project implementation, reports, workshops, consultancy, and capacity building. Joining forces with us delivers tangible benefits:

  • Access to our extensive local and international academic networks.
  • A strong record of research and project implementation in different conditions especially in conflict contexts.
  • Dedication and support to ensure corporate social responsibility.
  • Access to expertise and experienced staff with significant skills in research and project management.
  • Trusted relationships with a broad network of stakeholders including, higher education institutions, INGOs, NGOs, decision-makers community leaders, communities, and individuals.

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About us

A non-profit civil organization, registered in Turkey. It is a network of Syrian academics and experts in Syria and diaspora from different fields including education, food security, livelihoods, sustainable development, social empowermenr and peacebuilding.

Our partners

– The University of Edinburgh, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security.
– Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics)
– University of Kent
– GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund)
– Re-Aliance

Our services

1. Agricultural calendar
2. Research and Studies
3. Projects Design and Implementation
4. Consultancy and Capacity Building

Phone: +90 554 066 729

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