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Basem Mohamed Saleh

Research Group:

Potato productivity, food security, and livelihood

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Email: basemsr@gmail.com – basem-bms@hotmail.com

Skype: basem saleh

Mobile: +90 539 522 13 21


-Researcher in increasing potato productivity and improving quality.
– 2019 Director General of Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation, Food Security and Livelihoods Projects. Syria – Gaziantep.
-2016-2019 Coordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture between humanitarian organizations and the European Union.
-2017 Expert of Agricultural sustainable development projects  , consultancy.and interventions and project management. coaching of different agriculture engineering and farmer groups, mostly working on a volunteer basis.
– 2012 Researcher in increasing potato productivity in GOSM.
-2010-2011 Expert in virtual examination of potato tubers (France – Denmark).
2008-2009 Researcher at the Center for Scientific Agricultural Research to conduct soil analysis experiments in Aleppo, Idlib and collaborate with ICARDA Soil Analysis Center.
– 2005 Researcher in Plant Tissue Culture Center in Eriobotrya japonica lind. Syria -Aleppo.
Academic Qualifications:

– 2012 Ph.D. in Potato Productivity and Quality Improvement Using Organic Fertilizers
with a rate of ” privilege” (92%). Aleppo University.
– 2005 MA in propagation of Eriobotrya japonica plant by plant tissue culture technique. with a rate of ” privilege” (94%). Aleppo University.
– 1997 Postgraduate Diploma in Pistachio Production. with a rate of ” privilege” (89%). Aleppo University.
1991-1996 Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Department of Horticulture at the Agricultural Faculty in Aleppo (five year course). Fruit – and vegetable, ornamental, healing – and aromatic plants . Aleppo University

-“Loquat’s Tissues Multiplication”
Published in Research Journal of Aleppo University, 2005.
-“Effect of Some Organic Compounds on Growth and Yield of Potato, Solanum Tuberosum, L. Variety of Potato (Binella)”Published in  Research Journal of Aleppo University, 2010.
-“The Effect of Some Organic Fertilizers on the Productivity of Tubers for Variety of Potato (Marabel)” Publised in  The Arab Journal for Arid Environments/  The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry LANDS (ACSAD) , 2010.
-“The Effect of Some Organic Fertilizers on the Productivity of Tubers for Variety of Potato (Orla)” Published in  Research Journal of Aleppo University, 2010.


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