Chemical characteristics of the different types of the Sorani olive oil in Idleb

June 21, 2020
June 21, 2020 admin

Mohammad Adel Jawad*, Anwar Alebrahim**, Abdulrahman Albayyoush***

* Dept. Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Aleppo.

** Dept. of Olives Researches in Idleb, GCSAR.

****Postgraduate Student (MSc.)


The study was done on 23 types of Sourani cultivar, chosen from six sites in Idleb, the results showed that the oil concentration on wet basis ranged between 17% and 33.6%, and the oils of all types conformed to the IOC specifications concerning acidity, peroxide value, U.V. absorbency, and fatty acid composition. The percentages of Oleic acid ranged between 55.8% and 71.9%, and the percentages of Triolein between 18.8% and 37.6%, total sterols ranged between 777and 1631 mg/kg, and were under the international limit (1g/kg) in seven types, while -∆ 7 Stigmastenol was above the limit (0.5% of total sterols) in seventeen types. Total phenols ranged between 261 and 750 ppm, and the waxes content was generally low (51-86) ppm. The studied types were classified into three groups using cluster analysis based on the triglycerides content.

Keywords: Sorani cultivar, olive oil, fatty acids, glyceride, sterols, phenols, waxes.

Abdulrahman Albayoush


Received 01/04 / 20010, Accepted 09 /05/ 20010

Res. J. of Aleppo Univ. Agricultural Science Series No. 2010


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